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We Provide Innovative Recycling Programs for Today’s Wireless Industry


The wireless industry has revolutionized the world. Over 5 billion people, or over 75% of the world’s population, now own cell phones and smartphones. This wireless revolution has brought on a growing environmental concern. It is estimated that over 1 billion cell phones and smartphones have been retired worldwide.  Numerous toxic elements contained in cell phones, including lead and arsenic, will be disposed of in landfills unless viable recycling solutions are implemented.

Founded in 2002, GRC Wireless has emerged as a leader in cell phone & smartphone trade-in and recycling. We provide innovative zero landfill programs designed to incentivize organizations, business, and consumers to responsibly recycle their cell phones & smartphones. GRC Wireless transforms environmental challenge into great opportunity. GRC Wireless has responsibly processed over 8 million cell phones & smartphones since 2002, and our participating organizations and individuals have earned tens of millions of dollars through our recycling programs.

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